Experience true health and vitality with wisdom and inspiration for transformation.


  • More focus and clarity
  • Inspiration / intuition
  • Weight loss
  • Health and healing
  • Life transformation
  • Skills to create abundance and happiness
  • Nutritional knowledge
  • Make lifelong friends


This 6 week intensive course focuses on the 6 parameters of Life: thought, feeling, emotion, breath, nutrition, and movement. It is for those who are ready to fully move into their personal dream and vision. A program designed to educate and inspire participants to reclaim their life, body, and personal empowerment.

This all-encompassing mind, body, and spirit program is about discovering who and what is behind the unwanted stress, sickness, pain, weight, and destructive life patterns that keep us from thriving in life instead of just surviving. Through this self-discovery, awareness begins and from there, pounds and inches decrease and quality of life increases.

Heath and Vitality Is a Choice

  • Become aware of ways to cleanse and detoxify to enhance weight-loss.
  • Experience exercise that balances the body’s energies, oxygenates the blood, as well as increases the metabolisms.
  • Learn how thought and perception management skills can open your life to abundance and health. (What we think and focus on, we create.)
  • Explore tapping into your spirit and inner healing system with meditation and imageries.
  • Learn and practice techniques which offer immediate relief from stress, discouragement, and anxiety.